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New York Real Estate Specialists, Blue Pacific Capital.
We are a boutique firm with a strong and diverse understanding of different cultures and markets.
Here in the U.S. and in Japan, we have the advantage of being able to comprehensively support your real estate investments and deal flow.
Together with our investors, we pursue the infinite possibilities and dreams of New York real estate.

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Masa Ikeda Blue Pacific Capital

Our History & Who We Are

Our chairman and CEO, Masahiro Ikeda AKA; Masa came to New York from Kobe, Japan in 2008. Immediately, he entered into the Real estate industry. First in rentals, then to residential and commercial sales and eventually investing into projects that he represents as a broker in NYC. After working 10 plus years in brokering deals and projects he started a napping business using the traditional concept of the Japanese capsule hotels. Nap York was born and with it came innovative ideas with successful marketing and branding. It was featured in the media in 20 countries around the world, including the New York Times and gained recognition and support from Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post and successful entrepreneur Mark Cuban as a mentor. In 2017, Masa established his own brokerage, Blue Pacific Capital (B.P.C.) to be the international bridge for Japanese investors to New York real estate. Our strengths lies in our 10 plus years of real estate business experience, personal relationships and resources. Business skills such as marketing and branding in our diverse investments, in addition to M&A and fund structures. Beyond investment advice, we provide comprehensive support for your business and give our customers a one stop shop, where we can help invest, manage and grow your investments. We pride ourselves on continuing to provide interesting and profitable investments. Links:


We provide services such as introduction to investments, on and off market.


Management for your business, such as construction, renovations, rentals, resales. Financial support in terms of finding financing or maintaining your financial operational needs as well as consulting.

We are also proud to be multilingual in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Here at Blue Pacific Capital, we are not only brokers but we are experienced business owners which gives our clients deeper perspectives into their investments and their unique needs in a constantly evolving industry.

Now is the time to seize the moment and take the opportunities that lies ahead of Us. We hope that you will take this journey with us at Blue Pacific Capital.



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